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Imagine you are running on a wet surface, and you need to stop suddenly to avoid hurting yourself. If you are wearing shoes with good traction, then you should have no problem. However, if you are wearing shoes with little traction, you could possibly slip and hurt yourself. This scenario can also be applied to driving a vehicle. If the brake components require repair or replacement, you might not able to stop as suddenly as you need.  Here at Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, VA we want to be sure your car or truck is completely safe to drive which means it stops when you need it safely!

The science of how brakes work is a bit complex. Essentially, a system of levers and pistons are activated once the driver depresses the brake pedal. Brake fluid pushes against the pistons which in turn apply the brake pads and/or shoes to the brake rotors and/or drums (depending on the vehicle, there may be sets of both or only pads and rotors). Friction from the pads/shoes contacting the rotors/drums slows the vehicle down. How fast depends on how much pressure you apply to the brake pedal.

Brakes pads (the component which needs to be replaced most often) usually require servicing every 50,000 miles. However, depending on the types of pads used (e.g. ceramic, metallic, semi-metallic) and what your owner’s manual recommends, you may need them replaced more often or less. Another factor affecting when they should be changed is whether you make lots of sudden and frequent stops or you drive for long stretches without braking. Also rely on your own senses. If you feel or hear your brakes grinding when you try to stop, have them inspected. The car wobbles when the brakes are applied or has difficulty slowing down, then get it inspected.

Whether you’re needing routine brake maintenance or suspect something is wrong, we here at Delta V Motorsports in Richmond, VA are here to help. Our friendly staff and experienced automotive technicians work hard to ensure your safety and satisfaction. You’ll be back on the road the same day with one more concern checked of your list. Our services include:

- Brake Pads and Shoes
- Rotors and Drums
- Brake Lines, Stainless and Stock Replacement
- Brake Fluid
- ABS Inspection and Diagnosis
- Brake Disks
- Brake Adjustment
- Parking/Emergency Brake (Electronic and Manual/Lever Activated)
- Brake Bleeding
- Performance Brake Fluid
- Performance Brake Pad Replacement for Increased Stopping Power 
- Racing Brake Fluid (higher temp) in stock


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